If you are looking for some inspiration, some awesome female peers, a place to explore your authentic, inner Diva and some on and offline resources to help you rock, you have arrived at the right place!

The Well Heeled Divas is a fast growing community of sassy and strong women, grounded in their feminine energy, rocking their world and showing the next generation how to shine!

Set up in 2007 by Jane Kenyon the Diva brand is now going global so welcome to the party!



Well I am pretty proud of what we have achieved in the past 8 years. The Diva brand celebrates all things female and our community has grown at a joyous rate, indicating to me, that women share my views on sisterhood, femininity and authenticity – phew!  Good to know I am not alone.

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A Well Heeled Diva  is a woman who knows who she is, thinks big, lives in her passion, has dumped superwoman and is grounded in her feminine energy.  She knows what is important to her and lives her life with balance, purpose, courage, authenticity and love.  She is entrepreneurial working in her own or someone else’s business, responsible for her own destiny and making her own art.

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Jane cannot help but share her lessons, continual learnings and knowledge and finally after many years in the making last year she found her writing mojo and her first 2 books are out and selling well. Visit the Diva Wisdom Shop -  We have a range of support programmes on and offline to encourage you to release your inner Diva and help you recognise what you need to do to shine.

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After 5 years of full on face-to-face delivery, many Diva insights and training products are now being turned into audio programmes so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, anyplace – yah to technology!

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