About Jane

Jane is a memorable character – once met, never forgotten.  When it comes to her passion to empower women she is an audacious commentator, does not shy away from controversy and certainly lives up to her Diva persona. Having spent the past 10 years working exclusively with women and young girls hers voice has credibility and validity and her passion to make a difference is palpable.

She is warm, real and authentic, with bucket loads of self-belief, resilience and wit and as a speaker her stage presence is awesome. She can transfer this self-belief to others and has the ability to switch the lights on and create aha moments for everyone she meets. If you want to lead an outstanding life she is definitely someone you want in your peer group. 

Her personal story is one of courage, passion and perseverance.

From a privileged background to alone and broke at 16; successful, high flying corporate career to entrepreneurial burnout at 35; wealth to near bankruptcy twice, her critical moments are many and her ability to convert failure into success is legendary!.

Since her late twenties she has been an entrepreneur creating, building and often selling businesses in the business to business arena from marketing consultancy to lifestyle management; change management to PR; health insurance to business networking and beyond.

In 2005 disillusioned with business she divested all her commercial interests and stepped back to contemplate her next move. She began a quest for meaning and knew her passion was helping others recognise what they needed to do to shine so, naturally her journey led her to the world of personal development and she spent the next 12 months as a participant on many courses and programmes around the world, culminating in qualifications in coaching, NLP and behaviour therapy.

In 2007 she founded The Well Heeled Divas closely followed in 2010 by her social enterprise www.girlsoutloud.org.uk

If you want to know the full story plus her lessons and how Jane’s journey created a legacy DIVA WISDOM – FIND YOUR VOICE, ROCK YOUR WORLD AND PASS IT ON is a must read.

 Today Jane divides her time between leading the Girls Out Loud revolution, creating and delivering Diva products and programmes, speaking her truth and motivating others at conferences and events all over the UK and beyond, writing, blogging and commentating on the state of the female nation and personal mentoring and coaching.


If you want to find out more about Jane Kenyon, please visit www.jane-kenyon.com

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