About Wealth Profiling

Wealth dynamics is the only profiling system in the world, developed by and for entrepreneurs.  By completing a simple online assessment we can define the type of entrepreneur you are as according to wealth dynamics there are only eight types.  Learning and earning is a game. When we know the specific game that matches who we are, and then play our game according to its rules, we find our flow - We maximise the success of what we do. This sounds simple but generally most entrepreneurs have no idea what their natural flow is as they are too busy running the whole show.  Recognising your value to your business is fundamental to growth.  It shapes your strategy, niche, leverage, branding, team dynamics and wealth plans.  Every Diva that has ever done her profile has found the results empowering and liberating and the Powerteam allows you to see and interact with a group of women that may share your profile and also have the opposite profile to you. You will see firsthand how each profile –  thinks differently, builds a business, problem solves, creates attraction, sells, manages etc.  It is a fascinating insight into you and your business.

All women joining the Powerteam will be wealth profiled and spend a fascinating 2 hours with Jane Kenyon, before the team starts, to understand the power of your profile.

If you are intrigued by wealth profiling and would like to simply take the test and have a 1-2-1 with Jane to understand your flow and fastest route to wealth then Jane has limited slots to do this either face to face or over the phone or on skype.  It only costs £350 and could be the one thing that makes all the difference  to your growth and cashflow this year.  Simply connect with Jane here:


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