After 5 years of full on face to face  delivery  many Diva insights and training products  are now being turned into audio programmes so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, anyplace – yah to technology!


The Ultimate goal setting journey including a 15 minute guided visualisation created by Jane that will keep you connected to your big picture and ensure you maintain momentum to live an outstanding life.

Are you ready to create your why? To define your big, audacious life plan that is guaranteed to keep you motivated even when the low balls arrive?

This is the  ultimate Diva  goal setting process, Jane has facilitated for thousands of women and teen girls. This programme helps you recognise the importance of having a big picture and encourages you to unleash your potential. It is liberating, easy to follow, fun and most importantly, IT WORKS!’

One word describes Jane – Inspirational! She introduced me to my true potential and helped me understand for the first time in my life that I ROCK!
— Nina - Recruitment Consultant

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This is a practical guide to uncovering your emotional hot buttons and understanding at a conscious level what is driving you, so you can protect yourself against people and situations that may not align with your values, or at the very least recognise this and be better equipped to do something about it!

The programme includes a comprehensive workbook that is completed alongside listening to the audio.

The concept and definition of values is often misunderstood. Getting clarity on who you are, what drives you, why you choose to do the job you do, behave in  a certain way,  surround yourself with certain people and/or  walk away from certain situations is truly liberating. Placing these values up front and centre in your life makes a huge difference to your motivation and authenticity.

Jane doesn’t tell you what to do, she helps you understand who you are.
— Jackie, MD of a multi-million dollar insurance company

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