Jane cannot help but share her lessons, continual learnings and knowledge and finally after many years in the making last year she found her writing mojo and her first 2 books are out and selling well.  She also posts her own inspirational quote throughout social media every day and weekly blog is legendary!

She is also invited onto global radio stations to share her story and life philosophy, writes for several on and offline magazines and speaks internationally.

Our Founder Jane hit the BIG 50 last year and rather than disappearing in a puff of smoke she got her writing mojo on and produced 2 top reads…


This is a call from the heart to implore women everywhere to recognise what they need to do to step up and shine, in order to be the real role models our young girls need right now.  The teen crisis we find ourselves in is well documented with self harming, eating disorders, STDs, rape and depression on the increase, add to this low confidence and aspirations, little emotional  resilience and body hatred at an all time high and you start to get a feel for the challenging landscape.  Jane believes we all play a part in disempowering the next generation and it is time we stepped up.  Through sharing her own courageous story and life lessons;  to commenting on the state of feminism and misogyny; female entrepreneurship and the lack of parity at the top. Jane pulls no punches and her material is clear and well researched. Her conversational style and critique on the female agenda today is a breath of fresh air.

Jane is an audacious commentator and lives up to her Diva persona. The message here is you are already enough, but until we own this and embrace authenticity, we cannot expect our teenage girls to give up life as a Barbie doll anytime soon.  They may not be listening to what we say, but you better believe they are watching what we do.


Diva Wisdom will make you sit up and listen – for the right reasons! It is thought provoking, informative and a catalyst for change. I believe it has the ability to shape the future landscape for the UK’s young women. It is well researched, highlighting many shocking statistics in the world around us for girls. As an entrepreneur if you don’t like the numbers then do something about it and drive change – I am joining Jane’s Diva mission to step up!
— Claire Young - Entrepreneur and BBC1 Apprentice Finalist
I deeply admire Jane’s dedication to inspiring the next generation of young women. Diva wisdom is a must read for women everywhere.
— Lynne Franks - Founder of SEED
Diva wisdom is an insightful journey of one woman’s story and how she went on to use her experiences to influence so many. A truly inspirational read packed with tips from a woman who has clearly, been there and done that!” A fabulous read from end to end. I was captivated by Jane’s “riches” to “rags” to “riches in life” stories. The tips are invaluable, her logic as to the society we live in and the rights and the wrongs are totally agreeable and really shed light on what we can all do to make a difference, not just to ourselves but to those around us. I would recommend this book to any women who is looking for life’s lessons from someone who has clearly been there, seen it, done it and has the wounds to prove it. A true role model, a change maker and someone who will no doubt leave a legacy to the many lives she has touched, a highly recommended read.
— Vanessa Vallely, founder of WeAreTheCity.com, author of Heels of Steel.

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20% of all the profits from this book will be donated to www.girlsoutloud.org.uk

SUPERWOMAN – HER SELL BY DATE HAS EXPIRED - Time To Show Little Miss Perfect The Door!

Controlling Everything Doesn’t Give You Power.

It Gives You A Blinding Headache.

Time To Let Superwoman Go...

Superwoman is alive and well and strutting around in her stilettos, sabotaging your right to an imperfect life. She is feeding your insecurities, she is damaging your self belief, she is sabotaging your businesses, your careers and your relationships and she is NOT a great life model to pass on to our daughters.

She is what happens when we buy into the modern myth of ‘having it all’ and she has to go!

She empowers us to stay small; shop for things we don’t need; obsess over eternal youth and multi task within an inch of emotional exhaustion on a daily basis.

There is a better place to live. One where your authentic soul is nurtured, your vulnerability is nourished and you are allowed to be you. Controlling everything does not give you power, it gives you a blinding headache! We need to learn to let go, say no, accept help, stop controlling everything, recognise the power of vulnerability and stop beating ourselves up for failing to hit perfect 24/7.

This book uncovers how superwoman is showing up in your professional life, your business, your marriage, in your role as a mother, in your attraction strategy and in your identity. It is a call out to women everywhere to be kinder to each other and ourselves as we step up to reclaim our feminine souls.


I love this book. I love its honesty, and the fact that Jane delivers the messages - which are sometimes controversial - in her own inimitable, authentic style. Amongst a plethora of material about gender diversity, quotas and boardroom statistics etc, this is the first time I have witnessed someone putting their head above the parapet and admitting that women are not the same as men, we have different needs, skills and strengths and do you know what, it’s bloody amazing to be a woman!
— Nina Lockwood - Intuitive Recruitment
Jane is one of a kind, in a good way! She knows her own mind - demonstrated by the straight talking in this book. Jane is grass roots, she is with us the trenches, knows our challenges and that is why I can relate to her and why I want to hear what she has to say. I read this book in one sitting and found it comforting that I am not the only one struggling with some of the issues and enlightening that I too fall into the superwomen trap on occasion and most importantly some ideas about what to do about it! Awareness is crucial in changing your situation and also moving closer to what you want. Jane shines a light on superwoman and what’s really going on with her. I enjoy Jane’s blog and admire her social enterprise www.girlsoutloud.org . A supportive and encouraging book which made me smile. Thanks for writing this Jane, I look forward to reading more from you!
— Jane Barrett, The Career Farm
I knew that Jane would write a kick ass book and she SURE DID!!! I bought 5 extra copies of this book before Christmas and gave them to all of my female friends who I know have got caught up in trying to be “superwoman” in order to “have it all”. This book sheds light on the sad state of affairs that most of us women have bought into and how we are creating impossible role models and worlds for our children to grow up in. It’s an easy read that gets under your skin and makes you want to make changes for the better! - A must read book for women in all walks of life!
— Cara Leach - Sales Champion
A wonderful book which brings together some useful insights into how us women work. Written with a touch of humour as well as some sound advice for all superwomen out there!
Buy, read and pass on - spread the word and hang up those capes and embrace your inner diva!
— Caroline Wilson Corporate Executive
I read this book in a single sitting. It was a roller coaster that had me laughing and crying, it was as if Jane had been watching me in my life. I recognise so much of what she has written about in myself, painfully so at times. I think I have fallen into the stereotype that to get on in a man’s world I have to be like a man. This book clearly demonstrates how and why that doesn’t work and is not healthy. I had recognised I wasn’t working and achieving what I knew I could but didn’t know how to change it and get out of my superwoman badge wearing state. I now have a number of pointers to help me restore balance and help me achieve what I know I can.
I hereby pledge to (try &) ditch the Cape and badge and be more me.
— S MacDonald