Welcome to the first edition of the all new Diva Dialogue.  I decided after 7 years we needed a brand facelift as there is only so long you can be inspired by a pair of red stilettos.  I felt it all looked a little tired so walk this way purple wedges and a colour palette more in keeping with where I am in my life today.

Now, our brand may have changed but our vision remains untouched.  We remain passionate about supporting and inspiring women to recognise what they need to do to step up and shine.  We are all meant to SHINE!  Our workshops and Diva Powerteams are back in the North West and I am looking forward to developing more ways to connect with Divas everywhere over the coming months.

As ever, Divas are sassy, dynamic and most importantly authentic women harnessing their female energy and infinite potential every day.

Over the coming year I am keen to develop Diva products and nurture an online community and finally write and publish my first book so watch this space.


Over the past 7 years I have had the privilege of working with well over a 1000 women on our workshops, powerteams and coaching programmes.  You have taught me so much.  Now after a 3 year break in which I founded a social enterprise www.girlsoutloud.org.uk to inspire the younger generation I have reworked and relaunched our two best selling workshops The Stepping Up weekend and the one day Divapreneur workshop.  Both programmes are running in the North West from May.  You can find out more about them online along with a new 3 hour seminar on Wealth Dynamics, the only personality profiling tool created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs – liberating stuff! http://www.wellheeleddivas.com/diva-workshops/

Peers Matter

As someone who is a huge fan of the power of nurturing a positive peer group I have never stopped facilitating Diva Powerteams.  For me having a team of inspiring, supporting and wise women on your side is fundamental to success in life whatever you choose to do. A Diva Powerteam is just that.  A group of 12 dynamic women personally selected and invited on board to share their journey over 12 months.  They really are magical as women are so open, honest and willing to connect on a deep level, fast. Each member is wealth profiled  by me prior to the start and has a 121 with me to discuss this and their goals for the up and coming Powerteam.  Then the group meet 4 times a year to engage in a structured challenge process.  I currently have 5 places available on the next team starting in the North West soon. Contact me direct on jane@wellheeleddivas.com if this appeals to you.  More will be coming on board later in the year.


My journey over the past 10 years has presented me with so many opportunities to embrace my voice and cultivate my influence on the female empowerment stage.  I now get to speak and write regularly for a diverse and ever changing number of organisations and hopefully our paths will cross soon…..

Here is where I am appearing over the next few months – come and introduce yourself to me if you can and my voice is never bolder or louder than on my own blog http://janekenyon.wordpress.com/ Join the conversation today.

Events marked with * are members only.

*4 April 2014 3-5pm Practice Nurses Conference, North Wales

Jane leads a workshop on self belief and reaching for the stars at the North West Practice Nurses conference.

*15 May 2014 9.30am – Pro Manchester Breakfast Meeting

Jane has been invited to share her knowledge and experience of mentoring at this forum.

15 May 2014 10am – 3pm – Enterprise rent A Car Women In Business 2014, Haydock Thistle Hotel, St Helens.

Jane is doing a double on 15th May as after a breakfast event in Manchester she arrives to inspire the ladies at event in St Helens for lunch!  This is an event for Enterprise staff, suppliers and local business women with some fab speakers, lunch and break out sessions on key issues we face today.  It is also FREE! To book your place email Rachel.wildgoose@ehi.com

19 June – The Inspiring Women Event, Liverpool Football Club

This is an all day conference hosted by ThisLadyLoves with some amazing speakers and a fab workshop programme. Jane will be taking to the stage to talk about the importance of us stepping up to be role models for the next generation. Will you be there? Find out more http://www.thisladyloves.com/events/inspire-women-conference-/


Anyone who has met me, heard me speak, read any of my blogs/articles or listened to any of my interviews with the media knows for sure how passionate I am about equality and women’s development.  Indeed many of you, I know share my passion, if not ALL my views!

 In each Diva Dialogue I intend to focus on one topical issue we can all engage in and one that is linked to the Diva Poll I have been running on the site.  This month the subject follows on from the Poll question I asked ‘ Are we doing enough to make the top jobs in business and politics attractive to women?’  You will not be surprise to learn that 100% of all the responses voted NO.

I don’t know about you but I am pretty fed up of listening to the rhetoric and false promises from men and women in corporate UK on this subject.  My view is it is time for frame breaking change and number one on my list would be quotas. Now before many of you switch off in disgust let me put my case forward – If we continue with progress at the speed we are today we will be lucky if our Great Granddaughters get a seat around the top table and for me this is unacceptable.  Now I am not suggesting a permanent quota law.  I would be more than happy to drop the legislation once we hit 30% gender parity at the top.  Sometimes a temporary solution is necessary to effect permanent change.  What I do know is that tokenism is not working and until we get some critical mass at the top effecting culture change will remain a nice to have not a business imperative.

I am bored of listening to women in the system   saying ‘I don’t want quotas cos I want to be promoted on merit not because of my gender.’   This comment is a red herring and shows little understanding for the unconscious bias permeating all levels of our organisations.  It presumes there is no female talent in the market in the first place and this is simply not true.  We are ignoring, marginalising and demotivating the female talent out there and forgive me but are men only ever promoted because of their competence??  Read my full blog on this subject  and share your views. http://janekenyon.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/time-for-frame-breaking-change-our-daughters-need-to-see-as-well-as-believe/

And you can also join our Facebook group and join the conversation anytime. https://www.facebook.com/wellheeleddivas

Next time I will be discussing the new Diva Poll question ‘Are women as ambitious as men?  Vote now at http://www.wellheeleddivas.com/


Recently I was invited to share my personal story and entrepreneurial journey with Jane Barrett, the Founder at Career Farm.  If you have a spare 40 minutes whilst at the gym or driving why not download this today or listen online.  I also talk about the benefits and downsides of Wealth Dynamics and the importance of flow. Worth a listen. Click here to listen.