Diva Workshops

Jane will be back in delivery mode after a 3 year break in 2014.  She is excited to be delivering THE BEST LOVED Diva workshops Stepping Up and Divapreneur throughout the North West in collaboration with Network She.


This is 48 hours focussed entirely on YOU. Yes just YOU! How rare is that these days with the pace of life, having it all, challenging work/life balance and the rest!

This workshop is for you if you need some time out to reflect and recharge. Maybe you have reached a crossroads in your life; feel stressed or emotionally exhausted; a tad lost and alone as no-one around seems to get you? Maybe you know your life model is not working but have no idea why or how to put it right or perhaps life has become predictable and when you look ahead you are filled with impending doom that this might be it?

The weekend is a journey of discovery.  It is your chance for a personal stocktake, dump what is not working, reframe your baggage, explore new horizons and what makes your heart sing, zap any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, uncover your values and how they are effecting your life choices or not, release your fears and procrastinations and set up a more empowering life model. By the end of the weekend you will be excited, have a new peer group and feel liberated by what you will have left behind!  You may also be ready to step up and into your passion! Just think of the possibilities...

Here are just some of the comments from women who have previously attended.

I thought by Saturday morning I had it all sorted but then I realised I had only just scratched the surface. I wish to god I had done this year’s ago. Absolutely awesome weekend.
— Kay - Senior Partner of a National Law Firm
One word - sublime
— Jackie - Nurse
The most thought-provoking, inspiring and fun course I have ever been on. It’s a pity it’s not available on the NHS for all women to experience at least once a year!
— Ann - Coach
This workshop was the second most liberating experience of my life, bar losing my virginity. Jane is warm, real and an absolute life force.
— Christine - Sales & Marketing Executive
Life changing. It opened the door that was keeping me from my future.
— Sarah - Entrepreneur
One of the most enlightening 48 hours of my life. I didn’t realise just how important it would be to spend some time focussing just on me. Life will never be the same, thank you Jane for lifting the mist and just being you.
— Claire - Bank Manager
Thank you Jane, I know this weekend has changed my life. The experience has finally seen me identify my fears and limiting beliefs. It is now clear to me that I have been compromising my values on a daily basis- no wonder I have not been happy! It is now the right time to make a change and I know what my first steps will be.
— Helen - Teacher

Places are limited to keep the intimacy and the only facilitator of your journey is the Diva herself, Jane Kenyon. This is truly a life changing weekend.


2014 schedule

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July 2014 – Chester

Saturday 29th &  Sunday 30th November 2014 – location TBC

This is truly a life changing weekend for only £350. To secure your place and to receive your booking information email info@wellheeleddivas.com and get ready to Step up to the life you deserve.


This is a one day course for women in business. If you are looking to grow your business having the right mind set is fundamental to your game plan. All successful entrepreneurs know you can have the most creative idea, a water tight business plan, money in the bank and a savvy marketing plan, but without the right mind set you will fail and fail FAST!

Jane has over 20 years experience as a serial and social entrepreneur and has learnt some empowering lessons along the way. On this workshop she shares her learning’s and passion for business and the key mental shifts necessary to create a sustainable, profitable business.

The day includes:

  • The top ten elements all successful entrepreneurs share;
  • The female skill set and challenges;
  • The top three drivers for competitive advantage;
  • The wealth equation, understanding your flow and value to the business.

You will leave with clarity on your business, understand leverage and your ideal routes to growth, a fantastic peer group and a mind set to match Branson!

Here is what some past delegates had to say…

This event delivered excellent value and met my expectations over and over. I now know that what was holding me back in business was all in my head and I am now excited about my future.
— Gemma - Financial Consultant
I am proud to call myself a Divapreneur. Just one day with Jane has changed the goal posts for me big time. I can do this. I will do this now.
— Karen - Day Nursery Owner
Jane has an incredible knack of getting to the core of what makes ‘you’ tick – without using any psycho-babble. Thanks to Jane, I had the boost I needed to take my business to the next level and start playing hard-ball! I can thoroughly recommend Jane and I sincerely hope that she remains in my network of trusted advisors – I truly value her opinion and ideas.
— Zoe - Marketing & Web Development Company Owner

2014 schedule

Tuesday 4th November 2014 – location TBC

For only £250 the workshop also includes your Personal Wealth Dynamics Profile. This is a personality test specifically created for entrepreneurs to help them define their flow and fastest route to wealth. Jane is one of the UK’s leading wealth dynamics coaches.

To secure your place and to receive your booking information email info@wellheeleddivas.com and get ready to grow your business.



This is a three hour seminar presenting the power of wealth dynamics, a profiling tool developed by Roger Hamilton for entrepreneurs and executives alike that helps you identify your fastest and most effective route to wealth.

After years of studying entrepreneurs globally, Roger concluded there are only eight types of entrepreneurs and eight corresponding ways to create wealth. Knowing which one you are is liberating and the key to personal and business success.

Jane trained with Roger and has been working with this profiling tool for years, she is now one of the leading wealth dynamics coaches in the UK and credits this system with turning around many exhausted and demotivated entrepreneurs.

Learning and earning is a game and you have to know which game you excel at to gather serious business momentum. This is called flow and once you tap into your flow you recognise your value and do business in a very different way.

Her are some comments from people who have discovered their flow with Jane.

Jane was recommended to me by someone on the board of Asda. She helped me understand Wealth Dynamics and how I can use this in my business. I had come across wealth dynamics before but had wrongly guessed my profile. Having a coaching session with Jane was like a light bulb going off and has accelerated my business forward. Jane is an inspiration to me, she is entrepreneurial, intelligent and talks from experience. She is definitely someone to watch for the future.

Jane, Author, career coach

Understanding my wealth profile has been so liberating and given me permission to take the easy route to growing my business. i.e. do what I am good at and delegate the rest. Before I met Jane I was on the brink of packing in my business due to exhaustion and trying to be all things, to all peoples. I am now back in flow and the results show in my bottom line.

Lauren, Accountant

2014 schedule

Friday 17th October 2014

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

To secure your place and to receive your booking information email info@wellheeleddivas.com Tap in to your flow for only £60 and get ready to do business in a very different way. For an additional £60 you can complete your wealth profile and access the most effective route to wealth.