What is a Diva Powerteam?

Ever wanted a dream team? An elite group of awesome women who get you on an emotional and intellectual level? Who are with you every step of the way on your journey, whatever that may be?

It is universally recognised that you will never exceed the expectations of your peer group, we become who we hang around with. So have a look around – how’s it looking? Do the women around you support your hopes and dreams or help you sabotage them? Is your close network made up of dream makers or dream thieves? Do you feel alone, misunderstood and somehow disconnected despite being surrounded by people?

We run Diva Powerteams throughout the year in and around Manchester, UK and we can say hand on heart they are life- changing! We select up to 12 like-minded Divas - women from diverse backgrounds, some business owners, some corporate leaders, some social entrepreneurs who work together over 12 months, sharing knowledge, connections and experience. All our teams are facilitated by Jane Kenyon, our Head Diva who has over 20 years entrepreneurial experience, is one of the UK’s leading wealth profiling experts and has a black book to die for! Click here to find out more about wealth dynamics.

– it is a pretty magical process and over the past 7 years of running these groups many of the women on board have created businesses together, realised opportunities that were simply not on their radar, changed career direction, made important contacts, met new suppliers, increased their bottomline, reduced their costbase, discovered new marketing channels, developed new products, learnt new skills and made some life long friends..

Your team meets 4 times a year for half a day followed by lunch to share challenges and support each other in a structured environment and we promise you will leave each meeting fired up, bursting with ideas and solutions, motivated and confident - who wouldn’t be with an amazing dream team behind you cheering you on?

Sign up now - Your Dream Team Awaits! Click here to sign up today.