Our Story

The Well Heeled Divas was founded in 2007, with an ambitious global mission to inspire and empower one million women to step up to entrepreneurship, leadership and wealth contribution, who in turn, would inspire one million young girls to believe in themselves  and reach for the stars.

How’s that for a huge, big picture, world dominating, visionary goal eh? Divas don’t do half measures!

Well I am pretty proud of what we have achieved in the past 8 years.  The Diva brand celebrates all things female and our community has grown at a joyous rate, indicating to me, that women share my views on sisterhood, femininity and authenticity – phew!  Good to know I am not alone.

Let me tell you it has and continues to be one hell of a ride!

In the beginning our mission was focussed on hosting motivational events, weekend workshops on stepping into your power, Divapreneur workshops for women setting up or running their own business, coaching and seminars focussed on releasing your inner diva, the feminine you, to the world.

I, personally have had the pleasure and privilege to have coached, mentored and championed thousands of women as they found their courage to embrace change, in order to live a more authentic life – in many cases this is about giving ourselves permission to shine and I firmly believe we are ALL meant to shine.

Together, we have created an awesome community of women who are rocking their world, harnessing sisterhood and standing tall as role models for the next generation.


Today the organisation continues to inspire and champion women through advocacy, coaching programmes, Diva Powerteams and a growing range of online resources including books, audio programmes and video blogs.

And encouraged by the awesome female role models connecting to our brand in 2010 I fulfilled one of my legacy dreams when I created our sister company, a social enterprise and charity called Girls Out Loud - 


Girls Out Loud

Girls Out Loud is an award winning social enterprise driving a step change in the way we educate and nurture our teenage girls in the UK. The organisation creates and delivers early intervention programmes for girls 13-18 focussed on raising aspirations. We do this by shifting negative mindsets, building confidence and emotional resilience, improving body image and self esteem and introducing girls to successful, real, female role models from all walks of life, many of them Divas.

The Well Heeled Divas and Girls Out Loud are best buddies! In 2011 Girls Out Loud launched Big Sister, the mentoring programmes for girls that sees the complete dovetail of our services as we match a successful woman, in her female power, comfortable in her own skin with a vulnerable young girl in need of support and guidance to find her voice. Magic!

Female empowerment is at the heart of all our work and if our passion inspires you or /and you would like to join our posse do it today! Procrastination is the thief of progress so join our team at Girls Out Loud here and make sure you subscribe to the Diva Dialogue newsletter by filling in the form opposite.

I hope you enjoy your browse and I look forward to connecting with you on a more personal level soon.

Love and light,




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